Arches Mural - How it was produced

Romanesque Vaulted Arches Inspired by the Coenaculum in Jerusalem

The Romanesque Arches in what is considered the location of the upper room , termed the coenaculum in Jerusalem, were an addition provided by Crusaders. This architecture inspired the mural for the music room in this private home, but rather than maintaining a venue of indoors, the mural arches are located outdoors, near a river which also provides a bath draw being pulled into the cluster of arches.

Coenaculum, which means "dining area" in Latin, is a term given to the traditional site of the location of Jesus' Last Supper in Jerusalem, Israel, The current chapel or hall is a 12th Century (CE) Crusader structure, built on the upper level above the traditional location of the tomb of King David. Archeological evidence seems to confirm the possibility of historical fact underlying traditions. See inspiration online:
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From Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
refer to the architecture as Lusignan or Cypriot Gothic arches.

Sketch on wall
Initial sketched outline of arches plan onto the wall.
Sketch on wall
Outlined arches masked for painting of background river and skyscape.
Skyscape, Riverway, and Treeline completed in the background.
Sun splashes down the passing riverway.
Waterfall splashes leading in from river, long shadows are cast at angle.
River view from beyond the columns.
Detail of the water feature showing strong movement and frothy splashing.
Steps lead down from the main ground behind a separating wall. Planter-sconce holds a blossoming plant.
Detail of the water feature showing strong movement and frothy splashing.
Biblical era horn harp leans against a column base.
Italianate musical symbol on face of column.
The urn includes music symbology in the pottery including the treble clef as a handle.
Left side of mural including the framing half-arch. Switch plate will be copper metal.
A closer view of column decoration also shows the tree growing behind one column.
Closer detail of Planter-sconce holding a blossoming plant.
Full mural
Full breadth of finished mural upper portion
Another wide view showing lower components of the mural beyond the edge of the baby-grand piano.
Reflection of the mural arches with the corner of the piano and piano scarf.